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roundup Archives - Walkie Talkie Reviews

Best HAM Radio for Car

If you love to interact with other car drivers and hams on the road, ham radio is for you! A ham radio undoubtedly offers a fresh and fun way to interact with others without using smartphones. What’s more? It also helps you out in case of emergencies when you are stuck in the wilderness. In […]

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How to Buy the Best Ham Radio Base Stations

A ham radio base station is a quintessentially must-have tool for serious preppers. It is also a great accessory for geeky hobbyists who want more freedom to transmit across the airwaves and meet other hams around the world. Ham base stations are complex rigs that add a few more features and functions to what handheld […]

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Best Ham Radio for Beginners – Radios That Get You on the Air

Ham radio is hands down, a surefire way to remain connected to the world when all other forms of communication fail. Besides being used for prepping and emergency communication, ham radios can also be used for private recreation, wireless experimentation, and self-training among other uses. Unfortunately, buying the best ham for amateurs isn’t any easy […]

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Best Emergency Radios – Reliable Survival Radios for 2019

An emergency radio warns you of looming dangers. It later keeps your body and soul together as you wait for help when disaster strikes. In these best emergency radio reviews, we’ll be looking at the features that should top your must-have list as you shop for these survival gadgets. We’ve also scoured the market for […]

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