Do Two-Way Radios Work in the Mountains?

Two way radios, also called walkie talkies, are instruments for communication within short range. Before there were cellphones, and other products of technology for communication, people used walkie talkies. They are commonly used by policemen, security officials, and even event holders and organizers since these two way radios use radio waves to communicate. In other words, signals travel in the speed of light, so you can talk to each other real time.

Walkie talkies are best for group activities like camping wherein you need to spend certain periods of time in different but near locations. It is the best instrument for giving out instructions.

How Do Two Way Radios Work?

Unlike your ordinary radio for listening to music and news stations, two way radios can perform two functions: receiving, and transmitting. Your radio at home can only receive signals from different frequency bands or signals. However, you cannot talk through the radio to speak to someone else.

Walkie talkies have loudspeakers that also acts as a microphone when you press the Push-To-Talk (PTT) button. You do this when you have to speak to the other people. When you finish talking, you have to say “over” to signal that you are done speaking, and that the other people on the same channel can now speak.

Two way radios do not need telephone signals to operate so they are best for activities out of mobile telephone network coverage area. Therefore, two way radios work perfectly in mountains, forests, and other areas far from the city. In addition, they work best in elevated areas where there are less obstructions like tall trees can hinder your signal. So, if you are on top of the mountain, you will probably get the two way radios to work perfectly.

On the other hand, you can use a repeater if the situation calls for it. They extend the distance your signal covers, and eliminates the effect of obstructions.

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