Best Walkie Talkie for Cruise

Spending the best of time on a cruise ship with your family means you’re supposed to be off any worries while you are onboard. That doesn’t also mean that you should all tie up with your family members. This is when a walkie talkie will come handy. You always want to keep in touch, especially if you are with kids. Just as long as you know how to be discreet and you do not get in the way of other cruisers, walkie talkies would work on your favor.

What to Look For in a Walkie Talkie for Cruise

Purchasing a good set of 2-way radios should be well-thought of as this should serve its purpose of security and peace of mind while you are on cruise. Here are a few things you need to look for in a set of a handheld radio perfect for the cruise:

Weather Proof

When you can find a water proof walkie talkie, it would be great. Take note that you will be on cruise so you will be surrounded with water most of the time. Most of all, find one that can even operate under a stream of water

Privacy Codes

When you do not want to worry about scrambling conversations or you do not want your private family conversation overheard by anybody in the cruise ship, you can always look for radios with privacy channels. There are some which has up to 142 codes for your convenience.

Long Range

30 mile range radius is okay so 60 miles would be perfect. Any walkie talkie you can find within the same mile radius will be a great find, so communication while within the same ship would be seamless.

SOS Alerts

Emergency channels or loud siren will be something you will find beneficial as accidents are just around so you’re better ready before anything else can happen. All the other alerts would help in as much as safety is a major requirement.

If your options have the above features, then all you have to decide on is the price. This is important as you surely want to make the most of them and use them not just on the cruise but on all other outdoor activities.

Best Walkie Talkie for Cruise

Now you might think that these 2-way radios commercially sold in the market will be an ultimate waste of money. That should not be the case. You can review some of the feedbacks similar cruisers who happened to use them and see it to your advantage. Here are some of them:


UNIDEN GMR3040-2CKHSA family radio service working at 30 mile range is perfect for family where one can stay with the parents and the other with the kids. FRS/GMRS radios such as this one will suit the unpredictable cruise weather.


TRISQUARE TSX300 EXRS A group of four handheld radios will suit a family with 2 grown-up kids and parents who want constant communication while on cruise would love this set as this can work even with varied weather conditions onboard.

2 Kenwood TK-3160-1 UHF

Kenwood TK-3160-1Used in Cruise Ships just the same, this set of 2 walkie talkie will also do but of the 3 reviewed here, this is the least choice. This is due to possible interference to the radios of the cruise ship which the cruise staff will surely not want.

The best walkie talkie for cruise may require legal license or should follow the law of the country where the cruise ship will come around. Thus, it is best for you to be on top of all these as you might not want to end up your radios confiscated. Above list may vary from that of the others.