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How Do Two-Way Radios Work

Also called transceivers in the technical parlance, two-way radios are radios that are capable of both receiving and transmitting signals and content, usually in the form of voice data. Communications become possible between two persons each operating a two-way radio provided they meet on the same radio frequency called a channel, where each of them can both transmit and receive ... Read More »

Best Walkie Talkies Used for Hunting

Two way radios or also known as walkie talkies are almost considered as a staple device for ever hunter. It came to a point that a lot of walkie talkie manufacturers are already producing hunting-specific radios that hunters may use during their trips. There are a lot of these devices that are being sold, along with their own headsets, car ... Read More »

Best Walkie Talkie for Skiing

Best Walkie Talkie for Skiing

Outdoor fun and safety should go together. One of the outdoor activities most loved is skiing. Constant communication between skiers and group mates would be essential in order to maintain the same fun.  Now, safety and entertainment while you go through all the slopes out there would be best if you have a 2-way radio handy in order to keep ... Read More »

Waterproof Walkie Talkie

waterproof walkie talkie

Camping, hiking or any outdoor trip means stuff to carry. When you are going out in a group of friends or family, each member must have individual plans which likely not include everyone. In this case, a walkie talkie will be a great help. A set of handheld radios is the most excellent tool anybody should have while on outdoors ... Read More »

Best Walkie Talkie Apps

Walkie Talkie Apps

Your mobile phone can be a powerful tool if you have the perfect apps that suit your day to day activities. Almost any type of application can be downloaded on mobile phones these days and it helps many people on many ways. Walkie talkies were once very powerful tools as well. Back in the day when mobile phones were not ... Read More »

What is the best Walkie Talkie for kids?

walkie talkie for kids

A walkie talkie is a communication tool that was invented in the Second World War. It is a hand-held device was initially used by soldiers to communicate to base, their platoon leaders or their teammates. It can capture signal even in long ranges which is helpful especially back to the time when mobile phones were not yet invented. Now, walkie ... Read More »

Best Walkie Talkie for Cruise

best radio for cruise

Spending the best of time on a cruise ship with your family means you’re supposed to be off any worries while you are onboard. That doesn’t also mean that you should all tie up with your family members. This is when a walkie talkie will come handy. You always want to keep in touch, especially if you are with kids. ... Read More »