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Voice Activated Walkie Talkie Products Review

voice activated walkie talkie

Cell phones and the latest mobile gadgets may be the most sought after devices for communication purposes in this generation; however, there are actually other gadgets that can provide the same purpose and result. Different devices have different ways of working but all the same, they were meant to provide clear and fast communication. Mobile phones may seem to be ... Read More »

How to Boost 2 Way Radio Signal

boost radio signal

Two way radios are instruments for communication before cellphones came in the 1980s and 90s. They are commonly used by policemen, security personnel, and event organizers because they work in short distances. Since two way radios, also known as walkie talkies, use radio waves, signals are transmitted in the speed of light and in real time. How Do Two Way ... Read More »

How Many Walkie Talkies Can Be on the Same Channel?

How Many Walkie Talkies Can Be on the Same Channel

If you have never used, held, or seen at least, a walkie talkie before, then you missed out on the cool stuff before cellphones came in the 1980’s and 90’s. Walkie talkies are used for communication until now. You can commonly see them used by security personnel, policemen, and more. They can be used for short distances. What is a ... Read More »

Do Two-Way Radios Work in the Mountains?

Do Two-Way Radios Work in the Mountains

Two way radios, also called walkie talkies, are instruments for communication within short range. Before there were cellphones, and other products of technology for communication, people used walkie talkies. They are commonly used by policemen, security officials, and even event holders and organizers since these two way radios use radio waves to communicate. In other words, signals travel in the ... Read More »

Can Walkie Talkies Cause Cancer?

Can Walkie Talkies Cause Cancer

Walkie talkies, if you have not used, held, or at least seen, one, are used in communication when there were no cellphones yet. They were used before the 1980s and are still being used by some today. Why? Because the do not need mobile telephone network coverage whatsoever to operate. They use radio waves to send signals in the speed ... Read More »

A List of Long Range Walkie Talkies: Which Do You Prefer?

Walkie talkies are devices that allow people to have communication when they are apart from each other. These devices use radio transmitters instead of cellphone signal towers, which is quite advantageous when they are used in areas without any phone receptions. A lot of people use these transmitters in almost different places such as in sports arenas, fishing trips, hunting ... Read More »

Two Way Radio Communication Etiquette

Two Way Radio Communication Etiquette

To make your experience in radio communication worthwhile, you need to understand that certain rules are observed in using a two-way radio. For a period of time now, rules and proper etiquette have been set to make radio communication go efficiently. Here are the basic rules you need to follow. The Language. The International Radio Language is English. You can only ... Read More »

The Walkie-Talkie Range

long range walkie talkie

Walkie-talkies have been very useful whether for personal, business or security purposes. It has become a necessity even now when the flood of new high technology gadgets are everywhere. Still, there are some who needs this old school communication gadget. Here are a few things to know about walkie-talkies and how they work. What is a walkie-talkie? A walkie-talkie is ... Read More »

UHF and VHF Two-way Radios: How to Tell Them Apart

UHF vs vhf

There are certain things to mull over if you are choosing between UHF (Ultra High Frequency) radios and VHF (Very High Frequency) radios. One is knowing where to use it and for what purpose. Here are a few things you need to know about these two. UHF Frequency and Range The UHF’s frequency bandwidth extends from 300 MHz to 3 ... Read More »

Does a Two-Way Radio Require a License?

Does a Two-Way Radio Require a License

A two-way radio is a device that can both transmit and receive content. It permits you to communicate with other like radios in the same radio frequencies. Some radios operate on GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) frequencies while others operate on FRS (Family Radio Service) frequencies only. There are also radios that are called dual service radios because they can ... Read More »