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Motorola XTR446 review

Motorola XTR446

If you are in need of a two-way radio that won’t cost you an arm and a leg and wouldn’t require you to get an operating license for it, you better turn your attentions to the Motorola XTR446. It guarantees you complete and utter flexibility since it lets you add as many new handsets as you need for your growing workforce that require your radio fleet. Users who already utilize the PMR446 can add Motorola XTR446 radios into their fleet if they want. This two-way radio model has been designed to be comfortable; easy to carry around; and rather simple to use. It offers great audio clarity for extra crisp and clear communications in a wider working conditions and range of environments. Read More »

Motorola MR350R review

Motorola MR350R

The buck stops here for the serious outdoor enthusiast. The Motorola MR350, with its range of up to 35 miles, coupled with great features promises to be a great communication tool for the outdoor enthusiast. The MR350 is lightweight and rugged and comes in with extra large buttons so you can operate it even with your gloves on. It is made to tackle challenges of any sort. The Motorola MR350R has an emergency alert feature which helps your team mates know of any danger threatening you. The built-in LED flashlight helps you be at ease in event of any unexpected emergencies and power outages. It also serves as a boon for all your evening adventures. Weather alerts help you stay forewarned of any weather turbulences etc. Tuning into one of 7 NOAA channels, you'll always know what to pack. The radio has a VibraCall silent vibrating ringer which is useful for locations where ringing is intrusive and the background noise doesn’t let you hear the ring tone Read More »

Motorola EP450 review

Motorola EP450

Searching for a portable two-way radio with display? No worry, take the Motorola EP450 model that offers better communication flexibility with amazing features like push-to-talk ID as well as selective call. Its hi-tech audio output penetrates noisy environments by presenting obvious audio at any volume. Because of its low weight and ergonomic design, it is very easy to carry plus operate. The EP450TM 2 way radio is available in 2 models – 4W UHF and 5W VHF. Therefore, you can choose the best one as your needs. You can use various types of batteries for any model, and recharging will be fun and fast in all cases. Read More »

Motorola CP040 review

Motorola CP040

If your small to medium-sized business or organization is in need of a simple way to communicate, you might want to look into the Motorola CP040. It offers easy and great way to communicate via radio and at an affordable price. It has been created specifically with key industries in mind, such as the agriculture, warehousing, light industry, and security services. It is a four-channel radio that does not need extensive training for its users. You can easily get in touch with your workers or co-workers without them having to figure out complicated controls. Your company’s manage can easily keep track of all voice traffic and will be able to relay messages to team members in an instant, no matter how big your site or office is. Read More »

Motorola TLKR T8 review

Motorola TLKR T8

With a great rugged design, this highly functional and easy to use walkie talking is one of the most featured available. Motorola TLKR T8 is highly functional with a range up to 10 kilometer. They include a full list of features which include the vibrations alerts. These will help you stay in contact while you’re in high noise areas. It will allow you to talk to a group of users at a time. There is an option to use these without using your hands which will leave them free to do the other things you need to do. It’s like having your own assistant. Motorola TLKR T8 also work as a flash light when needed because they have a feature called the LED torch. Read More »

Motorola GP300 review

Motorola GP300

If there was one professional two-way radio that has set the bar high for its competitors, it has to be the Motorola GP300. It remains as the classic Motorola two-way mobile radio, even if it has a great successor in the GP340. The GP300 is still seen widely at building sites, used during trade fairs, staff and crew and concerts, and of course, in the security sector. It is considered to be at a disadvantage against its younger sibling, the GP340, when you talk about weight and the larger dimensions of its housing. But if this does not concern you and just need a budget-friendly walkie-talkie, then the GP300 is still a proven pick because of its reputation as a professional’s choice and its reliability. Read More »

Motorola CP200 review

Motorola CP200

Keeping your workers in the know and always productive should always be top of mind for businessmen. And for businesses that require constant communication, a two-way radio like the Motorola CP200 series could be just what your business needs. It is ideal for manufacturing, hospitality, and education sectors. This mobile radio features a rugged, built for tough work case; is lightweight and easy to carry; and has an ergonomic design. You are also assured of a strong audio output and can operate on the conventional trunking system or through LTR. Read More »

Motorola Walkie Talkie

Read the expert reviews of Motorola walkie talkies. Discover the benefits and hidden drawbacks of these 2 way radios Read More »

Midland radio

midland radio

Let's talk about Midland radio. Communication is an important ant bit in all your outdoor adventures. Whether you are high up in the mountains or deep down in the Everglades, you need to be connected all the time with your team. This is where the Midland GXT comes in hands as it lets you stay in touch with your teammates and is also well equipped with many features. Read More »

Midland GXT1000vp4 review

Midland GXT1000vp4

Calling all rugged adventurers! If you’re in need of an amped up two-way mobile radio to help keep in touch with your mates, it might be time to look at the Midland GXT1000VP4. What does it have going for it, you ask? Well, it is a 50-channel waterproof GMRS radio that has NOAA Weather and All Hazard Alert. It has the standard 22GMRS channels with an added 28 channels. You don’t just get the maximum power allowed for GMRS two-way handheld radios with a 36-mile range; it has also passed the JIS4 standard of water exposure for up to 30 minutes. Read More »